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Patrika completes one year in Madhya Pradesh

Posted by prnext on June 17, 2009

Patrika completes one year in
Madhya PradeshPatrika completes one year in
Madhya PradeshPatrika completes one year in
Madhya Pradesh

The Patrika Group celebrated its first anniversary in Madhya Pradesh last month. Patrika’s launch in Madhya Pradesh was a result of the long done research in Bhopal and Indore, which helped in bringing out a customized newspaper that people of Madhya Pradesh desired to read.

Patrika conducted a survey in Bhopal last year, touching more than 10,000 households. The major objectives included charting out readers’ preference, expectations, locate dissatisfaction areas and create brand awareness. When asked, what kind of newspaper they wish to have for their city, more than 90% of respondents opted for 20-22 paged newspapers at Rs.1.50. This intensive survey proved to be a major guiding tool for the launch.

In its expansion spree, Patrika took up another promising venture in Madhya Pradesh, starting with Bhopal and Indore. The newspapers soon changed the market proposition and became popular in both the cities.

Bhuvnesh Jain Deputy Editor, Patrika Group, said in the press release, “Patrika has always been known for its credible journalism and excellent editorial content. We maintained the same in Madhya Pradesh also and as a result, Patrika has been a hit among readers. People of MP agree that other newspapers of MP had to improve their quality after advent of Patrika in MP, which evidences the ace quality editorial.”


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