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About PR Next

prnextlogoPR Next, is a monthly eZine for public relations professionals working in all areas of public life. Started in April 2009, PR Next is brought to you by Indian PR Forum, an online forum of PR professionals across India.

PR Next has over 2,000 unique users , a number which is growing fast. It provides deeper content than the magazine as well as Blogs and Forums for discussion and debate.

PR Next is the voice of the Young Indian PR Professional and the leading source of news, analysis and opinion.

iprfAbout Indian PR Forum,

Indian PR Forum is an online community of PR Professionals in India (& beyond!). We aim to be one of the most active groups in the PR domain. Indian PR Forum is being started with a noble intention of bringing all PR and Corporate Communications / Marketing professionals together under one platform.

You can connect with us by joine IPRF on

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For Advertising on PR Next, Contact: Vikram Kharvi,


Mob: 09930143550


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