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Meet the Media – Shishir Joshi, Mid-Day

Posted by prnext on June 16, 2009

Vibhuti Agarwal in an in an exclusive interview with Shishir joshi, Ex Editor with Mid  Day, explores a journalists’ opinion about role play of PR in journalism

1. What are your views about the PR fraternity?

It is a highly misinterpreted group of professionals. One because of an absence of understanding by the editorial in an organization, two, by their (pr fraternity) own undoing and three, by absence of adequate training/mentoring at the foundation and mid career level.

2. How useful / helpful are they to you as a source of information?

It is almost like a parallel arm of any news organization. A journalist can work faster and more smartly, if he learns to organize his PR networking appropriately. Similarly, a PR professional can get his/her story across ON MERIT if he/she starts understanding how a news organization functions, networks better and starts thinking like a journalist.

3. What is it that you expect when interacting with a PR professional?

a. Do your homework. Do it well.

b. Network. Not just in times of crisis. This is your bread and butter.

c. Understand the working and life of a journalist. And the organization.

d. Play the role of an interface between the client and journalist.

e. Do not mislead/over promise either of the two.

f. Do not resort to unethical means (bribes) to get your story across. Even if asked for. A story should appear/and should be passed to an organization, ON MERIT.

5. What is it that the PR professionals need to improve on to meet journalists’ expectations and strengthen the professional bond?

I think if points mentioned in question three are followed, life would be simpler. Having said that, yes, it is always, or often the contention of the PR executive that journalists do not treat them well or are too arrogant.

My advice is, let us CHANGE first. Then we have a right to point a finger at others. Also, signing of, I would request PR professionals to remain updated with names and people movements.

I still get calls from executives (of eminent PR firms) telling me they have sent a mail on my Aaj Tak mail id (an organization I left in 2007 and subsequently I spent sixteen months with Mid Day).

Hence, to sum up, and hoping at least all those who read this piece. I am no longer with Mid Day as the Group Editorial Director.

I have taken up teaching. Have set up a Journalism Mentorship programme for students and can be reached on The link is


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